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Throughout history, tremendous fortunes have been made in real estate investments.

The historic low interest rates have presented a once in a life time opportunity.

Consider refinancing and take out long term fixed mortgages .The rates will inevitable inevitably be going up.

The smart home owners are taking out short term bank loans or private loans and renovating their homes. These loans are quick, easy to obtain and very flexible.

Why save until you have the required funds? The renovation cost is climbing much faster than your savings. We will give you free advice on refinancing your home.

Renovating and renting your wasted basement space brings in income and add value. Refinancing and increasing the mortgage at today’s low rates free up cash for consolidation of other high interest loans. The extra cash can also be used to invest in other income properties.

Other sources of cash include a Home Equity Line of Credit (heloc) and second mortgages from your lender or any lender.

You also have the option of RSP and TSFA withdrawals that can be put to a worthwhile investment.

At Spectrum Renovation, as an integral part of our services, we will consider financing your renovation on very favourable terms.

Increase the value of your property, free up cash and make your dream come true today.

We make a difference.